Keosauqua Events

Below are a listing of our monthly events and meetings, all dates and times are subject to change. Please call 319-931-5469, if you have questions. 

*Spirit Committee meets the last Wednesday of every month at 8:45AM

*Chamber meetings are on the second Monday of every month at 5:30 PM.


January 2018

  • Happy Human Resources Month, Gloria Villanueva!
  • 12th - National Pharmacist Day!
  • 18th - Happy Maintenance Day, Josh and Chad!
  • 19th - National Popcorn Day!
  • 21st - 27th - Activity Professional's Week, Thank you Marley, Morgan and Charity!
  • 23rd - Pie Contest at Noon!
  • 25th - Lunch Outing with Kayla Huntington and Marley Hall!
  • 29th - Marketing Blitz!


February 2018

  • 5th - 9th Happy Food Service Week, Thank you Tiffany and the Dietary Team!
  • 9th - National Pizza Day!
  • 13th - Mardi Gras Party at 2:30PM!
  • 14th - Sweetheart Lunch for Valentine's Day!
  • 23rd - Fiesta at Noon!
  • 28th - Jackpot BINGO - the community is invited, starts at 6:30PM in the dining room!