Keosauqua Events

Below are a listing of our monthly events and meetings, all dates and times are subject to change. Please call 319-931-5469, if you have questions. 

*Spirit Committee meets the last Wednesday of every month at 8:45AM

*Chamber meetings are on the second Monday of every month at 5:30 PM.


November 2017

  • 16th - National Fast Food Outing Day with Marley and Sharon
  • 22nd - Resident Choice Meal at Noon
  • 23rd - Happy Thanksgiving! - Meal at Noon
  • 29th - Spirit Committee at 8:45A


December 2017

  • 4th - Sugar Cookie / Treat Baking Day!
  • 5th - Tarnished Brass Band at 6P
  • 8th - Holiday Meal at 5:30P
  • 12th -  Christmas Card Party!
  • 22nd - Christmas Party with the Residents!
  • 25th - Merry Christmas!
  • 27th - Spirit Committee at 8:45A


TBA - Christmas Light Outing!

TBA - New Chapters!