Customer Service Superstar Nomination

Amber Files, CNA at Keosauqua Health Care Center shows up and she brings the fun. CNA's are constantly on the run making sure residents have what they need and they are truly the backbone of our buildings. They know what our residents like and dislike, they know what they need, what they prefer, and they know the best way to put the smiles on their faces. Amber goes above and beyond and I don't think we could have said it any better than our resident, Max, does, "What makes her a superstar is that she has an amazing personality, she's always cheerful, and she has a lot of compassion for her job and for her residents. She was one of the first people to take care of me when I entered Keosauqua Health Care Center in November of 2014. Anything I needed, she was right there to get and she checked in a lot of times even when my call light wasn't on, I only needed to use my call light two times because she was so great at checking in on me to make sure I had my needs fulfilled". That is just one justifiable reason that Amber is a true Customer Service Superstar. Amber is always up for staycations, taking the residents outside as many chances as she gets. She runs errands for her team members as needed and even helps with visits to the local hospital and clinics. Just the other day we found Amber running the vacuum, helping the housekeepers and helping to keep our resident's home in the best shape! Amber is always smiling and remains calm, even when things seem to be a busier pace. She treats the residents and staff here like family, we are so thankful to have her here making this place our home! Thank you, Amber, your hard work does not go unnoticed!