Heather Vanlaecken September Customer Service Superstar

Keosauqua Health Care Center would like to nominate Heather VanLaecken as our Customer Service Superstar. Heather has been a CNA with KHCC for almost two years and was recently chosen as our preceptor to guide and lead new CNAs. She has excelled in this role as a peer leader. Heather's attention to detail and ability to tune into what would make residents truly happy is her specialty. KHCC had a younger resident that suffered a CVA and struggled to communicate with staff. Heather went above and beyond and took extra time to assist him in writing a letter to a loved one. This is a task he would not have been able to complete on his own and meant so very much to him. Currently, Heather has "adopted" a resident that prefers to stay in her room most of the time. Heather spends extra time visiting and providing companionship to her. When asked, this resident noted that Heather is very "compassionate and will do anything she is asked to help me". Heather is working on expanding her education to become a nurse and we are hopeful she will chose us to work for in that capacity, because we are positive she will be a wonderful nurse.