Long Term Care Administrator Week

It is Long-Term Care Administrator's Week and you better believe that we are celebrating this awesome leader, Kayla Huntington!
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” –John Maxwell
Leaders who walk through the door every day with positive disposition ready to get their hands dirty are hard to come by.  However, at Keosauqua Healthcare, not a day goes by where Kayla Huntington doesn’t walk through the door with a smile on her face, ready to jump in. Kayla has led her team through outstanding surveys in her first year as Administrator receiving no significant tags. This is a tremendous feat given their census has grown remarkably this past year consistently maintaining an overall census well above the goals set for them. What makes this accomplishment more amazing is that Kayla has doubled as Administrator and Liaison for the greater part of the last year. She has ensured her team is engrained in the community and hospitals know them as the only place to refer to.  Thanks to this, the building has remained profitable well above projected profits.
Kayla has developed a morale within her facility that is second to none.  Her team takes an active role in admissions and consistently works together to come up with fun ideas to involve themselves in the community.  She leads by example every day as you can often find Kayla running residents to the local hair salon, cooking in the kitchen when short staffed (albeit some may tell you they’d appreciate her more away from the stove) out taking care of landscaping or on the floor helping with resident activities and care.
Kayla has maintained her teamwork and success throughout the building all while actively working towards her administrator license.  After a year of working more than regular hours in the building, she has also spent significant time taking classes and completing her practicum which led to Kayla passing her administrator test on the first try and is now officially a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.
Kayla understands the importance of putting residents first and knows that the key to happy residents is happy staff.  Kayla has created an environment where staff turnover is at an all-time low and there have been no work place incidences resulting in injury the entire year.  Keosauqua’s pinnacle surveys are one of the best in the Region and in the last year have received an overall rating of 90% or greater on 9 key categories including 100% satisfaction in dignity and care.
When asking Kayla’s team about her, they stated “she’s the icing to our cake, without her there would be no Keosauqua, no residents first, employees always.  She’s our rock, our leader. Where she goes we go and she always goes determined and full of heart with all she does, so that is how we do things to.”
In closing, one resident stated it best when he said “Kayla makes it worth getting up every day.  Seeing her at the building and knowing she will do what we need and more is what makes being here worthwhile.”