Success Stories

Success Stories

Gayle Knopp

January 2021

Gayle admitted to Keosauqua Health Care Center skilled nursing, after a long stay in Des Moines at Mercy One. Gayle is  receiving Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapies. Gayle has never received rehabilitation services from our Health  Care Center before, in fact, this has been her first time to Keosauqua altogether! 

Gayle had a kidney transplant in 2019 and is familiar with good and bad care over the years. When she arrived here in Keosauqua, Gayle was apprehensive to start therapy or to even leave her room. She felt fearful in a new place. But once Gayle  started to meet more of our staff, she started feeling excited to meet new people and start working with therapy. When asked  if Gayle would recommend our therapy community here at KHCC to her friends, her face lit up and said, “ABSOLUTELY!”  

Mallory, our Physical Therapy Assistant, stands out the most. Rightfully so, that’s who Gayle spends most of her time with.  Gayle went on to voice, “Mallory is my favorite. She is so friendly and helpful. She is always asking if she can help me with  something or wants to chat.”  

Gayle’s favorite thing to do in rehab is ride the bike and play “games” in our therapy room. So much so that, she is considering buying her own bike when she gets home. Gayle’s favorite time here at Keosauqua Health Care Center is when  she is riding the bike in the therapy room, watching the Andy Griffith show, and with Mallory by her side. 

Gayle is looking forward to getting home though. She misses her cat Esther and her neighborhood. We will miss Gayle though;  her spirit has been a light during these challenging times. We wish her the very best on her return home!  

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